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Hi, I am Levien Nordeman.  I help students and professionals to understand how digital media work to become better creative designers.

Increasingly our lives become saturated with data. From business, schools to non-profit organizations: data transforms the way we live and work. Questions about how to deal with data should always be informed by the question how we want to live and what we see as valuable live. I do research and give classes on data literacy: the ways we understand our personal digital data, new questions around data ethics and the skills, knowledge and attitudes that we need empower students, designers and citizens.

  • As a researcher and designer I make sense of complex things like how digital media work and how they change the way we work, live and design. My toolbox includes: culture and media studies and philosophy.

  • As an educator I challenge my students to continuously ask questions, dig deeper and find out what they or their target audience really care about. My toolbox includes: human-centered design methods, (re)framing.

  • I am currently working for the Willem de Kooning Academy as teacher and researcher.