What I do

Below you find a selection of my expertise:

Data literacy

Increasingly our lives become saturated with data. From business, schools to non-profit organizations: data transforms the way we live and work. Questions about how to deal with data should always be informed by the question how we want to live and what we see as valuable live. I do research and give classes on data literacy: the ways we understand our personal digital data, new questions around data ethics and the skills, knowledge and attitudes that we need empower students, designers and citizens.

Social Media & Society

Social media have changed the way we interact with our digital devices: we spend more time online, and our uses ranging from the casual to the distracted and everything in between. The media theory course takes a closer look at the social context of digital images and the way they spread online,  visual language, and the social, cultural and political context of social media.. The class is a combination of discussion, reading and writing to look from a distance at visual culture online and form your own position.

Design & research

Design has no subject matter. That is why research methods are of great importance for every designer. I developed a toolbox with several design and writing methods to explore and critically reflect on design processes.