Levien Nordeman - tech humanist

“What the eyes don’t see, the heart does not feel.”

Spanish saying


What I do

Below you find a selection of my expertise as teacher and researcher:

Algorithmic awareness and data literacy


Living in a datafied society has implications for the skills, knowledges and attitudes we as citizens have towards the use of data by ourselves, governments, organizations and companies.

This will be even more important with the advent of Artifical Intelligence/Machine learning in the coming decades. How can we use data literacy and algorithmic awareness to increase autonomy and freedom of citizens and consumers? 

Tech-industry & surveillance 

Large companies increasingly use digital technologies to capture, analyze and sell data and information and to shape human experience and behavior. With the Internet of Things (IoT) new and more pervasive technologies capturing daily life will be part of our lives. The ways in which the tech-industry works is largely unknown by the general audience. Relevant questions: what kind of surveillance techniques are currently being used? What kind of data of us is being collected? How do current business models of tech-companies sustain the ongoing collection of data? 

UX & persuasive technologies and social media

The interface design of most large social media websites ad apps like Facebook and Instagram is designed to optimize the engagement of the user. Persuasive technology combines insights from behavioral psychology with interface design, giving the user a convenient and almost flawless interaction and user experience. I am interested in the history and ethical aspects of this way of designing for digital media. To what extent do users feel autonomy and freedom while using these websites and apps?

How artist and designers can help making us more data aware

Art and design have the potential to envision, speculate and give words and meaning to often more abstract developments like the use of digital technologies for surveillance and our current datafied society. I am interested in what kind of projects artist and designers are involved in and how these projects can help understand the implications of a datafied society, not only for a small subset of experts and critics, but for a larger audience within the context of education. 

Design & research

Design has no subject matter. That is why research methods are of great importance for every designer. I developed a toolbox with several design and writing methods to explore and critically reflect on design processes.

Data and the self in an algorithmic culture

What are the implications of our use of data for the understanding of our 'self'? How does it feel to watch YouTube video's on auto play? What is this weird feeling when you listen to Your Year in Music on Spotify?  How does our sense of self change while interacting with this algorithmic search and recommendation engines? I am interested in collecting and documenting the indicators of how are understanding of ourselves will changes in the coming decades. 


Hi, I am Levien Nordeman.  I help students and professionals to live and work in an datafied world.

Increasingly our lives become saturated with data. From business, schools to non-profit organizations: data transforms the way we live and work. Questions about how to deal with data should always be informed by the question how we want to live and what we see as valuable live.

As a researcher and designer I make sense of complex things like how digital media work and how they change the way we work, live and design. My toolbox includes: culture and media studies and philosophy.

As an educator I challenge my students to continuously ask questions, dig deeper and find out what they or their target audience really care about. My toolbox includes: human-centered design methods, (re)framing.


For questions and work related inquiries, feel free to contact me:

Levien Nordeman